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Graceful Afghan Hound Wall Art & Silent Wall Clock – Elegant Decor for Dog Lovers

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DIY Large Wall Clock

Clocks are needed and used from time to time for the obvious reason of giving information about time throughout the day. The modern version of clocks is not merely used to show time but is also a decorative item in a room interior. This is an exciting thing, especially for the DIY wall clock. Modern design has given birth to the amazing designs of clocks. These amazing designs are truly great options to be tried, and the designs will certainly excite DIY enthusiasts. Many wall clocks are made as custom, and they are made at home.

These clocks are usually also large in size. Say goodbye to the smaller wall clocks and say hi to the larger and more intriguing larger clocks on the wall. The best news of all, everyone can make these amazing clocks at home if they have enough tools and materials and a little bit of patience.

Transform your space into a haven for dog lovers with our exquisite Graceful Afghan Hound Wall Art and Silent Wall Clock. This stunning decorative set seamlessly blends elegance and canine charm, making it the perfect addition to any pet enthusiast's home.

The Afghan Hound Wall Art Stickers showcase the beauty and grace of this regal breed, capturing the essence of their long, flowing coat and distinctive features. The intricate design adds a touch of sophistication to your walls, creating a focal point that celebrates the unique allure of Afghan Hounds.

Accompanying the art is a Silent Wall Clock featuring the same captivating Afghan Hound design. The clock's silent movement ensures a tranquil atmosphere while still keeping you punctual. Its large size makes it a striking statement piece, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics in your living space.

Whether you're a proud Afghan Hound owner or simply appreciate the elegance of this majestic breed, our wall art and clock combination promises to elevate your home decor. Embrace the charm of man's best friend with this Elegant Decor for Dog Lovers and make a bold statement that reflects your passion for canine companionship.

Sticker material: EVA Foam (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)

Clock material: Acrylic with Mirror Effect
Hour hand: 31.5 cm / 23.5 cm
Minute hand: 39 cm / 31.5 cm
Clock machine:12 cm/ 10 cm

Home Decor Effect Reference

DIY wall clock in different color and sizes, suitable for living rooms, bedroom, kitchen and other home decoration, embellish your blank wall !

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Paper Ruler Included

Silent Movement Clock Mechanism

The high-quality quartz movement mechanism guarantees precise time, quiet sweep second hand provide a good sleep and work environment.

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