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Non-Toxic Cat Dog Paw Print Ink Kit: Baby and Pet Souvenir

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Product description
Capture precious memories with our Non-Toxic Cat Dog Paw Print Ink Kit. Designed for both pets and babies, this safe and easy DIY kit ensures a clean touch and mess-free experience. Perfect for creating lasting handprints or footprints, it’s an ideal keepsake for newborn showers or pet lovers. The inkless pad technology provides a clear and detailed print without direct contact with the ink, making it safe for all ages and pets.
Cat Dog Paw Print Ink Kit Pad Safe Non-toxic Baby Footprints Newborn Shower Handprint Easy Diy Clean Touch Inkless Pet Souvenir

1. Great commemorative gifts for parents to record their children's growth;
2. Material technology:high tech anti-cross,disposable pad;
3. Baby hands or Pets Paw don't need to contact the ink and can obtain clear footprint,without any security risks;
4. No pollution;use special production process,leaving clear,real and long-term preservation;
5. Effective prevention of lead and chemical stimuli and prevention of cross- of the .

Item Details:

1. Item: Baby Hand & Footprint Makers
2. Material: Stamp-pad ink
3. Color: Black, Pink, Purple, Blue, Red

Package Included:
printing oil*1
sheets of paper*2


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