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Summer House Slippers With Cartoon Smiling Face Couples For Men And Women

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Shoe Size:
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Product description

Summer house slippers with cartoon smiling faces for men and women are made of high-quality material and are soft and comfortable.



Important Notice: Choose the shoes size refer to your FOOT LENGTH.(Size Chart can help you solve 90% of size choosing problem.)
✬✭✮If foot is thick and wide, you can choose one size bigger.
✬✭✮If foot is narrow and thin, you can choose one size smaller.
✬✭✮If you don't clear how to choose, please feel free to contact us.

Order notice:
1. EVA shoes are machined by one-time injection molding. Due to the influence of the production process, there will be burrs on the edges and eyeholes of the shoes, which will not affect the wearing. It is not a quality problem. If you mind, please purchase it in carefully.
2. Due to the material, the shoes are packed immediately after they are produced. The EVA shoes will be some flavor, you can put the shoes in the vent for a few days after getting the goods.
3. This product should be kept away from high temperature and should not be placed in the sun!
4. Some shoe mark is slightly sticky crooked, some have a little floating glue, do not belong to the quality problem. pls note.

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